The City of Carvahall

Xanos and Draconis find themselves traveling to a large city, hoping to find fame and fortune.

While perusing the local bulletin board for jobs they could do for some quick cash they’re confronted by the town constable. The constable, is stopped mid-rant by a large dagger in his back, apparently thrown by the shadowy figure running into the alleyway behind the constable, now laying on the ground in a growing pool of his own blood.

Our heroes give chase, quickly tracking the assassin to the back door of a small shop. It would appear no one is home. To the left there is a stair case up, which Xanos checks for any sign of their target. Draconis sweeps his eyes over the many boxes laying around in the shop. Suddenly a cloaked man reveals himself, making a dash for the door. The front door is locked from the outside, and cannot be opened; our villain if forced to turn and face the massive Dragonborne warrior and the nimble halfling thief to escape from the room.

After a few quick blows the culprit is caught and Draconis carries him over his shoulder to the main guard center of the city.

Chaos surrounds the acting constable, Todd, as he gives orders and listens to reports outside of the guard office. Upon seeing Draconis and Xanos he begins to question them, recognizing them from a description given to him from eye-witnesses to the former constable’s death.

Todd quickly realizes that they have the murderer in their custody, and calls in his best interrogators, arcane and otherwise, to extract information from him.

Xanos and Draconis wait patiently, and they’re even given some time with the prisoner, where Draconis shows Todd what his men were lacking: Brute strength, and a mouthful of sharp teeth.

After divulging some information about a tower in the forest and his master, he is stricken with a heart attack and drops dead.

A recently arrived wizard comes into the room and proclaims this to be the work of an experienced warlock. He goes on to introduce himself as Starmis, Eladrin wizard extraordinaire, friend of Todd.

Starmis, Xanos, and Draconis each agree to go into the forest to the southwest and find this tower. It recently appeared without explanation, as reported by a few woodsmen.

This new band of adventurers trek out into the wilderness. After an uneventful first day and night they find themselves under attack by a few goblin thieves, which are quickly dispatched. (I’m a little blurry here.)

They proceed through the forest, soon finding a clearing with a large stone tower taking up the majority of it.

Three guards circle the tower, each out of sight of the next. Starmis concocts a plan to capture and interrogate one of the guards, hoping that he won’t be missed.

Starmis uses a spell to put one of the guards to sleep Draconis rushes from the bushes to grab the guard.